Manufacturer & Seller of Composite Spring Products

Flex-Form offers composite monoleaf springs and other spring products for a wide variety of applications.

Our specialty is custom replacement composite leaf springs for cars and trucks. Our springs have been the superior solution to automotive leaf applications since 1981. Flex-Form is under new ownership and management with a renewed emphasis on service and quality.

What makes our design the best use of advanced materials for automotive springs?
Composites offer many advantages over any form of steel spring. Their weight advantage is the most notable one – There is often a 60% weight savings over steel leafs. Race-car builders and owners know how valuable this advantage is. They do not de-arch as they age as most steel leafs do. They do not corrode. And, the composite material has a compliance characteristic that steel does not have, allowing selection from a greater range of spring rates with vastly superior ride and handling characteristics. In most cases, our composite springs are priced lower than steel springs produced by the better-known manufacturers.